Glass swing fire door BS94

-Electromagnetic lock - holding force 600 kg - Operating voltage 12/24V DC.
Current 500mA at 12V - 250mA at 24V.
Management electronic with trimmer for reclosing time adjustable.
Panic bar can be fitted with emergency micro-switch and by two-pole leaf-frame electric contacts or door loop to ensure the opened door with the panic bar.

- Flush fitting round magnetic contacts for door leaf status.

- Electric handle for fire proof doors Metal body, aluminium handle with galvanised steel core, black paint finish.
2-colour red/green led to indicate access inhibited/enabled.
Enabled timer adjustable from inside for 0 to 60 sec. (can be disabled).
Open Collector contact to indicate handle engaged.
Internal acoustic device (can be disabled) to indicate access enabled.
Operation: The handle, which is normally in neutral, can be enabled by closing an N.A. contact from the keypad or access control unit.
Power supply: operating voltage 12/24 V AC/DC.
- at 12V - 700mA thrust /500mA maintenance
- at 24V - 300mA thrust /200mA maintenance
Two-pole leaf-frame electric contacts or door loop are present for providing the power supply.