Standard swing fire door

-Electromagnetic lock - holding force 600 kg -
Operating voltage 12/24V DC.
Current 500mA at 12V - 250mA at 24V.
Management electronic with trimmer for reclosing time adjustable.
Panic bar can be fitted with emergency micro-switch and by two-pole leaf-frame electric contacts or door loop to ensure the opened door with the panic bar.

- Flush fitting round magnetic contacts for door leaf status.

- Electric handle for fire proof doors Metal body, aluminium handle with galvanised steel core, black paint finish.
2-colour red/green led to indicate access inhibited/enabled.
Enabled timer adjustable from inside for 0 to 60 sec. (can be disabled).
Open Collector contact to indicate handle engaged.
Internal acoustic device (can be disabled) to indicate access enabled.
Operation: The handle, which is normally in neutral, can be enabled by closing an N.A. contact from the keypad or access control unit.
Power supply: operating voltage 12/24 V AC/DC.
- at 12V - 700mA thrust /500mA maintenance
- at 24V - 300mA thrust /200mA maintenance
Two-pole leaf-frame electric contacts or door loop are present for providing the power supply.

- Lock controlled opening system
Consisting in a panic lock with built-in solenoid, circuit board with timer, two pole leaf-frame electric contacts, wiring from lock to electric contacts.
Power supply 12-24V AC/DC
Start up current 500-1000 mA
Maintenance current 250 mA
Built-in timer, set at 30 seconds
Automatic Reset for every door opening
Red/green LED on the handle plate for signalling whether the handle is active or not
Option of continuous handle activation (always open)
Ready for the connection of a remote LED (not included) for signalling the lock activation or not.
Access control available on pull side, or both sides of door.
-Operating mode:
When the door is locked by a key, opening is only possible with electrical impulse (button, switch, badge reader) which activates one or both handles.
The activation handle time with this function is 30 seconds, after this time the handle is not active. If the door is opened before 30 seconds, the timer automatically resets to zero seconds.
-Continuous mode:
"Open setting": in this mode, handle activation is controlled by an electrical switch (not included) that provides continuous power to lock, the handle is always active.