Officine Brevetti Sisti Society,  having fifty years of experience in the field of special doors & shutter doors  is the first Italian company to proof test by the Ministry of Interior firedoors,  developed completely internally and independently.

The leading philosophy of Brevetti Sisti  is based on continuous commitment to high quality and reliability for the products  and the services on support for preand post-sales.

For this reason, when developing new products,  the company places a great emphasis on mechanical dimensioning  and functional aspects and design, on selection of the best accessories/harware available.
Equal attention is devoted  to the pre-sales services, which helps customers  to choose and optimize the door in order to meet their requirements.

The last but equally important aspect is installation, which is carried out taking into account all details in order to ensure that the final product fully satisfies customers’ needs. The company also offers customized warranty and maintenance services for standard and large firedoors, in compliance with law provisions.

It is important that the firedoor is capable  to promptly perform the critical function for which it has been designed: save human lives, buildings and property. Officine Brevetti Sisti believes that only premium quality products can perform as expected in all circumstances  during his entire life.