Swing fire door BS99 sound proofing A40
UNI 9723 - Class REI 120

Sound proofing (EN ISO 717/1) - RW=41.5 dB

- Frame with high moment of inertia cross-section, made from sheet steel profiles measuring 2,5 mm thick with seal for cold smoke and heat-expanding seal for high temperatures.
- Door leaf consisting of two bent sheet steel door 1,5 thick with flat steel internal perimeter reinforcement.
Heat-expanding seal under the door leaf.
Insulation consisting of high density layers.
Total thickness of door leaf 63 mm.
The door and frame are designed to be on the same plane as the hinge side.

  • - Special additional neoprene seal fitted to three sides of the door leaf.
  • - Tubular floor rebate sealing with neoprene seal or automatic seal sweep door at bottom of door leaf.
  • - 2 x safety bolts applied laterally on hinge side edge of door leaf
  • - 3 x hinges machined from solid steel with 3 wings with axial bearing.
  • - 3 locking point CE marked fire resistant Yale type cylinder lock.
  • - Two heat proof genuine Hewi handles in black nylon with steel core.
  • - Overhead CE marked door closer with scissor-action arm.
  • - Surface treated with a coat of rust-poof RAL 7035.


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