Standard swing fire door sound proofing A30
UNI 9723 - Class REI 120

Sound proofing (EN ISO 717/1) - RW = 34.5 dB

  • - Galvanised sheet steel frame with seal for cold smoke and heat-expanding seal for high temperatures.
  • - Galvanised sheet steel door leaf. Heat-expanding seal under door leaf only.
  • - Mineral wool insulation padding. Total thickness of door leaf 60 mm.
  • - Tubular floor rebate sealing with neoprene seal or automatic seal sweep door at external bottom of door leaf.
  • - Hinge bolts fitted laterally on hinge side of door leaf.
  • - 2 x hinges one of which is spring loaded to close the door automatically while the other has thrust steel ball.
  • - One locking point CE marked fire resistant Yale type single cylinder lock.
  • - Two black plastic handles with steel core.
  • - Surface treated with a base coat of epoxy polyester.


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