Sliding fire door
  • - Shock absorber damper with magnetic head.
  • - Hydraulic closure speed regulator
  • - Guide protection carter
  • - Additional sprinkler bulb device in the other side of wall.

Electromagnets - Control units

  • - CE marked electromagnet 24 Volts - power consumption Watt 1.5 complete with nickel plated anchor and wall mounted push button for manual unlocking.
  • - Single zone control unit for electromagnets for fire resistant doors that comply with EN54-2 / EN54-4 for controlling a maximum of 4 electromagnets and 5 smoke-heat detectors - consisting of:
    • 12V / 1.1 Ah backup battery
    • Smoke and heat detector which complies with EN54-5 / EN54-7
    • Electronic siren that complies with EN54-3
    • Alarm activation button that complies with EN54-11
  • - Alarm cancelling button
  • - Heat detector which complies with EN54-5 connectable with control unit
  • - Power supply unit to be connected to 230 AC supply that puts out 24 V DC (27.6 DC) - 2.5 A
  • - Emergency power supply unit 220 Volts - 27.6 V - 2.5 A complete with backup battery in IP56 holder.

Surface finishes

- Painted with top coat of catalysed bicomponent enamel chosen from the RAL range of colours or with special effect paints.


- A range of electromechanical operator with safety devices which comply with current standards, are available to meet the individual requirements.